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Generally speaking, far too little importance is attached to interview preparation by the majority of job seekers. Most attempt to ‘wing’ the interview and hope that somehow they’ll ‘swing’ it in their favour.

There is no prize for coming SECOND!

Your primary task is to sell yourself.

Members of he interview panel will make subjective as well as objective assessments about every candidate, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Interviews are as much about creating favourable impressions and positive vibes as they are about experience and ability. It is said that an interviewer’s mind is made up with 30-seconds to 3-minutes of the interview. This is often well before the applicant has had an opportunity to go into a detailed exposition of their abilities and experience.

The employer will set the rules and very often it is up to the applicant to determine what those rules might or might not be. The employer holds ALL THE CARDS, because he is the one who is giving away the prize (namely a job with the company)

If you are taking the time and the trouble to apply for a job, then it is in YOUR INTEREST to decide, I’m the one who is going to get this job! That’s a very important 1st step!

Having taken that step, place yourself in the employer’s shoes and ask yourself, what would I want if I was employing someone for this position?

Many of the initial requirements are so basic that we hesitate to even mention them here. The reason why they are included is because it’s incredible how few applicants even meet the basic criteria!

Think of it, if you pass the BASICS, you are already ahead of 75% of the applicants! That only leaves you 25% to beat it and the job is yours!

Few, if any prospective employers, will even give you a hint that you’ve already lost the game.

You only find that out when the game is over and someone else was the winner.

Some of the Basics

Using the job description, consider questions you might be asked and how you might answer. Ideally ask a friend or partner to conduct a mock interview with you. Let them offer you constructive criticism on things to watch out for.

Employer Sets the Rules

Remember - the employer sets the rules.

If you want to challenge the referee, you’re not going to win the game.

You’ll be disqualified before the game is even begun.

Many of the rules are not written down - you’re expected to know them!