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Word Processing "Typing"

Our business services cover a multiplicity of documents and we provide typed versions of the under mentioned:

Our services cover everything from letters, journals, memos, procedure manuals and reports. We are fully conversant with all Windows packages and numerous desk top publishing packages. We will supply a professionally finished, laser printed (black & white or colour) document on plain paper or on your own letterhead.  

Let us choose the choice of fonts and layout or feel free to specify your own requirements including special features, graphics and desktop publishing options.  

We can also assist with copy for articles, booklets, business brochures, business plans, fact sheets, graphs, information leaflets, instruction manuals, newsletters, press releases, proposals and reports. Let us turn your handwritten notes, dissertations, and drafts into full manuscripts.

If required, we can make changes to any documents, whilst showing the changes made in various highlighted forms.

Prices are subject to amount of work-Click here for a quote.

An Internet Research Service is offered to academics, business executives and  writers.  We will search and review Internet resources on assigned topics and report the findings in the form of your choice.

PowerPoint Presentations

We design and prepare training material for a host of different topics. Let us have your subject, give us a brief synopsis of the type of material or headings you want covered and we’ll do the rest.

We provide assistance to lecturers, trainers and management. We’ll turn your notes into a professional PowerPoint presentation, together with handouts (if required).

The presentation is supplied in softcopy (CD) together with a laser printed original either or transparency acetates. We can offer a choice of graphics, charts and clip art and have our own library of over 20,000 photos. The presentations can also be emailed to relevant parties.

Setting Up Our Secretarial Services

Our Secretarial Services are the same as having a secretary who does all your administration work, the only difference is that she works from home. Naturally to be able to do this, computer access and a broadband connection is essential. We even help potential clients purchase computers, set them them up on their premises, arrange broadband connection (through a local provider) and train Management and staff in the use of essential computer software. So to recap, our offer starts by:

Depending on geographical location, we will either send someone physically to the premises or provide step-by-step instructions and know-how as well as being available on Skype for assistance.

We will Email, or produce a laser printed hard copy of any finished product. Soft copies are either emailed or provided in CD/DVD format (depending on size(s).